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Tips for organizing a closet for condo from a Japanese housewife!

Condo residences know that the available space in the room is extremely limited. It is difficult to arrange the belongings in order and not uncomfortable. Especially people with shirts, pants, skirts, bags, and a lot of accessories, need to well arrange. because it may cause problems with clothes overflowing in the closet and making the room look cluttered. Today, we have gathered the best tricks to organize your closet from Japanese housewives. Let me tell you that after this, your room will definitely be free from overflowing clothes.

5 tricks to keep your closet well organized.

The Japanese believe that cluttered wardrobe may result in a messed up life. And even if it's just a belief using psychological techniques. But in reality it was a defense. To organize life in a hurry to be able to easily pick up the outfit. You don't have to tear down the cabinet until you have to go to work late.

For this reason, it become a secret trick that Japanese housewives have been telling each other about how to organize the closet easily. Moreover, you can help sort out your unwanted clothes from your closet without wasting your effort. Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Start sorting clothes in the closet.

It's easy to deal with clothes clutter by sorting clothes clearly, because clothes that overflow the closet often come from "tossing" them together without caring. Therefore, we should start from the dismantling. to unfold all the clothes and sorted by these categories.

  • Upper body such as T-shirts, shirts or sweaters, etc.

  • lower parts, such as pants and skirts

  • Clothes that should be put on hangers such as dresses, coats or suits etc.

  • sock

  • underwear

  • handbag

  • Other costumes such as belts, gloves, hats, etc.

  • Special occasion clothing such as swimwear or uniforms.

after sorting ,To consider piece by piece whether clothing or accessories use regularly? Then, keep it separate for another pile and the other heap for unused clothing. How to manage Donate or resell depending on individual needs. But let me tell you just like this, your wardrobe will be unbelievably clear!

2. Organize with Hangers by Type

For anyone who uses the method of folding clothes to store on shelves or drawers, try changing to a minimalist style steel wardrobe with strong hanging rails. So that you can use the trick to organize the closet with hangers to classify clothes. It also saves space. It also helps to prevent dust from clothes as well.

3. Fold clothes, pack bags technique store in drawer

For those who have too many clothes to hang. In the steel wardrobe, there are additional functions such as multi-purpose drawers. and a wide interior space that is large enough to place additional drawers. You can use the technique of folding clothes in a roll. One of the trick from Japanese housewives , Just fold the left and right shirts to meet in the middle. After that, roll it tightly from the top to the end. This can easily increase the storage space for clothes. It also increases the amount of storage inside the cabinet as well.

4. Divide clothing zones by color.

Another trick that can't be missed. For those who may not have a lot of clothes, but it looks messy because the colors are mixed together. Just use simple techniques such as sorting by color tone. From dark tones to light colors. Suitable for people who want to match clothes. because In addition to organizing the overall wardrobe, It also saves time choosing clothes each day as well.

5. Separate seasonal clothing.

Let's end with a trick for people who have quite a lot of seasonal clothes. Separating your clothes according to the seasons is another easy way to keep your wardrobe organized. Suitable for people who often travel abroad with a sweater. Dividing the zones in this way also makes it easier for you to find clothes.

After knowing the tricks to keep the closet organized. Don't forget to look for a cabinet that has a size and design that meets your needs.. And must be durable. Can be easily placed in every room style. Then, come to see a KIOSK steel wardrobe, one of the most popular options for limited space. Let's view the products on our website. Follow our new promotions, new updates in every month. Guarantee that there are so many discounts!