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Steel storage cabinet : Multipurpose furniture

Steel storage cabinet : Multipurpose furniture It can be easily converted to store documents, groceries, shoes, or other items. But many people often have an mindset about a steel cabinet that It is boring, antique-looking furniture, not as beautiful as built-in furniture. It is actually a serious misunderstanding. Because modern steel storage cabinets are available in many styles and colors, with modern designs. In addition to storing things, It is also a decoration that helps the house look beautiful. It's as stylish as any other furniture.

For those who are still wondering if steel storage cabinets are really good, and how good they are, this article has the advantages of choosing steel storage cabinets that most people tend to overlook and recommends 3 models of steel storage cabinets that are good and worth using. Let's see it together.

Advantages of choosing steel storage cabinets that many people never know.

  • strength and durability

steel storage cabinet It is a device made from steel material that is strong and durable. Especially the models that are sprayed to prevent rust and sprayed with Powder Coating that increase the usability for a longer time. Can store and pack a lot of things. without worrying about weight Because the steel cabinet will definitely be able to support it well.

  • Highly safe, no worries about theft.

For people who use steel cabinets to store important, high-value items. You can stop worrying about theft. Because the steel cabinet makes the material strong. Can prevent break-ins from thieves. Including in some models There is also a lock that comes with the cabinet. It greatly increases the safety of your property.

  • Store things more orderly.

Nowadays, there are many more beautiful styles of steel storage cabinet designs with a number of storage compartments in many formats. Whether it's a shelf Or the cabinet has doors. It can meet every need and use perfectly. Which if any house has a lot of things You can choose a large steel cabinet. Or choose a steel cabinet with many compartments. To organize easily and conveniently for searching next time

  • Worth the price paid

For use in the office with many employees, Choosing to buy a steel storage cabinet will be another good option. Because it is a cheap piece of equipment. Can be used for a longer time than other types of cabinets without worry about repair costs Or having to buy and change cabinets often. Able to save a lot of money.

  • No problem with musty smell.

Musty smell in the cabinet It is another factor that can cause annoyance. Especially the storage cabinets in the office. which if there is an important guest coming, It can easily damage the image of the organization. But if you choose to use steel storage cabinets, No more worries about musty smells. Because steel is a material that does not retain any musty odors, there is no need to find a way to extinguish bad odors. Musty smell is difficult.

  • Eliminate the problem of termites gnawing.

Storage cabinet made of steel is classified as a device that reduces the hassle of maintenance. Because there is no need to apply termite protection liquid regularly. Because the steel material is strong and dense, termites cannot chew it. No matter how long you use it, the cabinet will always remain in good condition.

  • Resistant to all weather conditions

Steel cabinet for storage can be used in many situations. Because it has the ability to withstand various weather conditions very well. No need to worry about the problem of the cabinet swelling from water or humidity. or various disasters because the cabinet can still protect the items inside very well. Definitely not damaged.

Introducing 3 models of useful steel storage cabinets from KIOSK.

  1. PUNTO 12-door locker cabinet: It is a steel cabinet with a raised cabinet design. Makes it easy to clean Suitable for storing things in the home and office. The highlight is up to 12 storage compartments on the door (separated into 12 locks), helping to increase the security of the property.

  2. Tall glass sliding door cabinet: Tall glass sliding door steel storage cabinet. Comes with 3 shelves that can be adjusted to the desired height. Comes with a key for locking and closing. and can support weight up to 50 kilograms per shelf

  3. Double-box with solid doors: Steel storage cabinet with solid doors. Inside there are 2 shelves that can be adjusted to the desired height. and comes with a key for locking and closing. Increase the security of your property.

Come and buy steel storage cabinets with both solid doors and sliding glass doors at KIOSK. Select steel storage cabinets that are multi-purpose. Made from good quality materials in a variety of formats that answers every style Comes for you to own at factory price. There is a product warranty and After Sale Service along with free delivery and installation services. You can choose to view products and promotions on our website. For more information or to order, call 02-157-1015 and LINE Official @kioskthailand.