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Tips for a shoe corner and How to take care of your shoes

Shoes are another dressing item that can enhance your look to be better. And it is considered as another important piece of jewelry that we have to choose to wear every day. Without good preservation. Shoes can get old quickly, so in this article we've put together some great tips on how to create different shoe storage ideas. How should I keep my shoes always new?

Let's take a look at some ideas for shoe storage corner.

  • Shoe cabinet with additional functions (seat/storage)

    For people in the home decoration, Try to creating a shoe storage corner with a shoe cabinet. with additional functions such as seats or storage. It could be solution for user which can be used as a storage for shoes, as a seat, or as a storage for miscellaneous items. Also meets the needs of beautiful design with many materials to choose according to preference. There are also sizes to choose to be suitable to the space in your home.

  • See through shoe storage box

    If anyone who love to collect shoes, Let's create a shoe storage corner to be a showcase of beautiful pairs of shoes. Choosing a clear shoe storage box. With a simple design, lightweight, cheaper than other shoe storage. Including easy to move. Suitable for people who live in condos or need to move furniture frequently.

  • Shelf shoe storage

    Idea for shoe storage with open shelves. It is another popular shoe storage corner style that can be seen often. Usually looks like a steel frame layer or a wooden layer. The advantage is to reduce the musty smell in the shoes. There are many sizes to choose. Suitable for placing a pair of shoes that are often picked up.

  • Shoe storage with doors/drawers

    If anyone is looking for ideas for a shoe storage corner that has a beautiful design. add luxury to your house. Let's Choose open-door or drawer-style shoe storage. It might be what you're looking for. Most designs focus on beauty. It is suitable as decorative furniture at the front of the house which can be opened or sliding to easy to use. Also protect the shape of the shoe. And protects against dust and dirt as well.

  • Sliding shoe storage

    If the door shoe storage cabinet still doesn't meet your needs, Let's go to ideas for a sliding shoe storage corner with distinctive design. Saves space when opening-closing cabinets. There are both tall and low cabinets to choose as you like. Including the top of the cabinet can also be used as a place to place various things as well. It is another popular style for people who want to save space in the house.

shoe storage with lock

Let's increase the safety of your favorite pair of shoes with a lockable door shoe storage. Outstanding in beautiful design, It is a good shoe showcase. Comes with a shelf that can choose the size as needed. And a key for locking to increase the safety of your shoes.

Tips for taking care of shoes before storing to make your shoes always new!

White shoe care

  • White shoes are shoes that many people often encounter problems with various stains or dark spots. If not taken care of well before storing, it may cause the shoes look old quickly. So before putting it in the shoe storage, white shoes should be taken care of as the following way.

    1. Always clean shoes before storing them. by dusting and wiping the dirt well.

    2. Don't put your shoes in a mess. or close the corridor to prevent stepping on deform the shoes or may make the shoes dirty.

    3. Choose an idea for a shoe storage corner that is well ventilated. to prevent musty smell.

Leather shoe care

Leather shoes are shoes that require special care. And there must be a cleaning method that is suitable for the type of leather. In order to be able to use in longer period, There are some ways of takeing care as follows.

  1. Choose a cleaning method suitable for the type of leather. If it is suede, choose to use fine sandpaper in gently scrubbing and rubbing shoes. And apply the liquid to maintain the condition of the leather. If it's matt, Choose to use a soft brush to scrub away dirt. And apply leather cleaning cream to add shine

  2. Before placing leather shoes in storage should be placed to ventilate dampness in the shoes first

  3. Recommend to put on the shoe shaper before storing. to maintain the beautiful shape of the shoes.

Sneaker care

Sneakers are a type of shoes that many people choose to wear on a regular basis. So paying attention to storage and choosing the right shoe storage ideas. It will keep sneakers in good condition for long time.

  1. Sneakers should be cleaned by dusting and wiping off dirt before storing every time.

  2. Place the sneakers in a well-ventilated area. to drain moisture

  3. Use newsprint inside the sneakers to push them up. and absorb unwanted odors

  4. Choose a ventilated shoe storage. so that the inside does not cause dampness It can help reduce mold and bacteria problems.

One of the key points for keeping your favorite pair of shoes always in good condition is to choose to store in the right shoe storage. KIOSK, we have steel shoe cabinets that meet every style. It is a steel shoe cabinet made from quality materials. high strength and has many beautiful designs in many sizes to suit your needs. You can browse products and promotions at our website.