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Know the problem of musty shoe cabinets with 5 ways to absorb the smell.

The shoe cabinet has a musty smell. How can I fix it? A headache problems of housewives is the smell problem. Especially the musty smell in the shoe closet is easily annoying, especially when important guests are visiting. Therefore, we cannot wait and let the smell linger. Let's collect 5 tricks to reduce the smell. Desirable in the shoe cabinet. The results were better than expected!


Understand the problem of smelly shoe cabinets

For people who live alone or more than one person, a shoe cabinet is considered another important piece of home furniture that is indispensable. The more people who have the number of shoes has increased. If one day you want to open the closet to pick up your favorite pair of shoes to wear. Found that the shoe closet had a bad smell. Including causing many pairs of shoes in the closet to all smell the same, without knowing which pair the smell problem came from. Before we get to know how to reduce the smell in the shoe closet. Let's first be aware of the problems that cause unwanted odors in shoe cabinets. In order to be able to fix it from the root cause and eliminates the smell completely, It won't happen again.

Problems caused by smelly feet

The causes of foot odor can be caused by many factors. This is most often caused by moisture and bacteria accumulating on the feet. Especially during the hot weather. As a result, the pores produce more sweat than before. causing the feet to pile up humidity accumulates. It easily smells musty. Especially for people who wear socks. or one more factor caused by health problems It is athlete's foot or Hong Kong foot, which is a fungal infection of the feet. In addition to causing itching Still smells bad. It also easily smells musty.

Taking care of feet so they don't smell: It is recommended to keep your feet clean at all times. Wash your feet with soap and pat them dry. Before putting on socks or shoes, Always cut your toenails short to reduce the accumulation of germs and dampness. Including avoiding wearing shoes with others. To prevent bacteria from spreading.

The problem is caused by musty shoes.

In addition to foot health problems, shoes are another important source of germs. that many people may overlook This is usually caused by wearing the same pair of shoes for a long time. This causes germs and bacteria to accumulate in the same spot repeatedly and then be stored in the same shoe cabinet. without having to suck out the smell first It will cause other pairs of shoes to spread germs. and has a musty smell attached to it

Taking care of your shoes so they don't smell: Always clean your shoes before putting them in the closet. To reduce the accumulation of germs, Do not let the smell spread and spread to other pairs of shoes.

5 easy tricks to reduce odor in shoe closets

  1. Clean your shoes well: The best way to reduce bad odor in your shoe cabinet. is to take good care of the cleanliness of your shoes. It is recommended that before putting the shoes into the closet, Let it be cleaned. Ready to dry in the sun or the sun to dry well before storing. It will help reduce germs and odors from accumulating.

  2. Reduce odor and eliminate mold: Another simple method that can be done from household materials. It involves stuffing newspaper into your shoes. The chemicals in the printing ink act to absorb moisture. Helps reduce musty odors and reduce mold accumulation.

  3. Don't wear the same pair of shoes repeatedly: Important if you don't want your feet to smell bad. It is recommended to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for several days in a row. Because wearing the same pair of shoes repeatedly will contribute to the accumulation of more bacteria. make your feet smelly Shoes can always have a smell.

  4. Use natural scents to reduce musty smells: One of the natural ways to reduce smells in shoe closets. By taking lemon peel or orange peel. Put it in the shoe cabinet. The oil on the surface of orange and lemon peels will absorb musty odors in cabinets and shoes very well.

  5. Use baking soda: a popular way to deodorize shoe cabinets that many homes choose to use. is to put baking soda into a tea bag. Then put it in the shoe cabinet and that's it. With the alkaline properties of baking soda It will easily absorb and remove musty odors.


Choose to use a steel shoe storage cabinet. Eliminate the problem of musty smells in the shoe closet.

If you don't want to solve the hassle of solving the problem of unwanted odors. Try changing to a steel shoe cabinet. Made from quality steel material It is strong, durable and can be used for a long time. Does not retain any odors or germs, helping to end the problem of musty odors in shoe closets very well.

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