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Digital safe vs. antique safe, what are the differences between the two?

A safe is a device for storing and helping to protect property within the home safely. It has outstanding features of strength, durability and a high safety system. Currently, there are many different types of safes. Both digital safes and antique safes that are different in terms of design and the pattern used to unlock For people who are still undecided about which type to choose. Let's look at a summary of the differences. Digital safe vs. antique safe, which one meets the needs?

ตู้เซฟเก็บของมีราคา มีความสำคัญอย่างไร

Safes are important equipment for protecting assets.

Safe deposit box or safety box is designed to protect valuables from various events such as theft, fire, flooding and other risks that may occur. In general, the entire safe's structure includes a digital fingerprint scanner. or even the ancient style constructed from metal for durability and strength, and come with reinforced walls and locking mechanisms that limit unauthorized access.

Characteristics of the safeCan be used to protect assets in many places.

Because today's safes come in many different types and sizes, they can be used to protect valuable items in different contexts. Whether it's an antique, safe Fingerprint and digital code scanning safes that are commonly used in homes, hotel safes, as well as Super Safe cabinets that are used with ATMs, etc.

Made from strong materials

Designed to serve the purpose of storing valuable items in particular. As a result, the materials used must have exceptionally strong and durable properties. Whether it is resistant to temperature, heat, fire, as well as tampering with its highly hard materials, this makes the material an important feature when choosing a security safe solution. Instead of storing it in a general cabinet or drawer.

There is a security system.

The final feature of using a safe to store high-value items becomes a solution that meets your needs. It is a security system that is superior to other storage devices in every way, including traditional combination locks and keys. As well as electronic locking systems such as fingerprint and digital code scanning safes, etc.

Digital safe vs. antique safe - what's the difference?

ตู้เซฟดิจิทัล vs. ตู้เซฟโบราณ มีความแตกต่างกันอย่างไร

Digital safe

Digital safe works with a multi-layer electronic lock system. It uses batteries to work. Currently, there are 3 types of digital safes:

  • Keypad digital safe Comes in a design with a push button. It involves entering a code similar to a Pin on your phone to unlock. Can enter from 4-10 digits, suitable for users who open and close frequently.

  • Digital safe with fingerprint scanner Raise the level of storage to be more secure. With a fingerprint scanning safe that meets the needs of storing high-priced items, including diamonds, rings, gold, and valuable jewelry. It can recognize up to 100 fingerprint patterns, suitable for people looking for a high security solution. But it's easy to use.

  • Touch Digital Safe Its functionality is similar to a push-button safe. Only the screen is a touch system. You will be asked to enter a numerical code. The length will depend on the model of the safe. Its strengths are ease of use, safety, and ease of use.

Antique safe

Antique safes differ from digital safes in terms of convenience. Because the locking system will be used manually, such as turning the code and inserting the key to open the safe door. This is considered a traditional unlocking method that takes quite a bit of time. Because every digit has to be rotated to enter the log correctly. By the type of safe that is familiar. There are 3 formats in total:

  • Combination safe with combination lock and key It is a home safe that can be locked with both a key and a code.

  • Super Safe safes are similar to regular combination safes. It will just have more weight. And some models require as many as two keys to open. Makes it more secure and is commonly used with ATMs.

  • Safe door safe Door safes use both a key and a combination code. It's just a normal safe with the largest size. It is also impossible to move because it is built next to the room. Therefore, it is suitable for use in places that require high security, such as gold shops, jewelry shops, or banks, etc.

In conclusion, which safe is suitable for you?

  1. General user group which focus on keeping valuables in your residence.

For users who focus on storing valuables in their residences, such as jewelry, passports, birth certificates, cash, and other important documents that need to be kept hidden and safe. Here's a look at the safe that meets your needs.

  • digital safe You can choose from keypad, touch, and fingerprint scanners, depending on the usage characteristics of each home.

  • You should choose a safe that is guaranteed to be safe. There is a strong theft prevention system. and can prevent fires with peace of mind

Entrepreneur group For use in the office

  1. For entrepreneurs looking for security solutions To be used to store important documents and cash that need to be kept in the office. This is a safe that meets your needs.

  • Can be used with both antique safes and dial-code safes. and digital safe It is recommended to use a fingerprint scanner. which is more secure in confirming access rights

  • You should choose a safe that is designed to protect your valuables from all risk factors. There is a high security protection system. and can withstand fire Good heat resistance

  1. Business group dealing with financial transactions and valuable assets

Banking Business Group financial institution and pawn shop It is a business that comes with the expectation of having the highest safety standards for storing money and valuables. Therefore, a safe that meets your needs must come with a security system that is of a high standard, large in size, and meets the purpose. in use

  • Suitable for safes with safe doors. Because it is built next to the room. unable to move And it's large enough to collect valuables in one place.

  • May choose a double locking system. To help increase the density hedge and strictly restrict access rights This is especially true during sensitive times when theft rates are high.

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