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Check the safe feng shui Which direction is best? How to be lucky?

“Safe box” is an important piece of furniture that many homes must have. The purpose is to store valuables. Gain peace of mind that your assets, such as cash, gold bars, watches, amulets, or other important documents, are kept safe. But do you know the feng shui of placing safes in the home? It is as important as the placement of other pieces of furniture. Today we will take you to check how to choose and buy a safe. Including Feng Shui in placing the safe in which direction it should be placed. and create wealth for homeowners

ตู้เซฟ วางทิศไหนถึงจะดี หลักการเลือกตู้เซฟให้เฮง

How to choose a safe that meets your needs

Before going to look at Feng Shui, which direction should the safe be placed? You must start by selecting the type that is appropriate for use first. Because even if you place it in a direction that opens the way to great wealth, But if you choose a safe that is not suitable for use It doesn't have any meaning anyway. And this is an easy way to choose for beginners who have never used a safe. What factors are there that should be considered? Let's see.

  • Choose from the types of safes

    There are many different types of safes available today. Both the familiar rotating code type, digital safes with fingerprint scanners or keypads. to specialized safes for storing property that requires high security.

  • Choose from the size and weight of your safe.

    In addition to the type of safe, The matter of size and weight is very important. Because if it is installed in a residence, Consideration of the weight-bearing capacity of the place is related to placement. For example, Digital safe the size of a microwave But weighing up to 30 kilograms, it may not be suitable for placing on a shelf. Because there is a risk of damage.

  • Choose from a range of safe locking systems.

    You should choose a safe that has a locking system to meet the purpose of use. For example, if you want to store small valuables, you can choose a safe that is easy to use. There is a simple locking system. At the same time, if the property you want to keep, These are items of high value, important documents, as well as dangerous items such as guns. You should choose a digital safe that has an electronic scanning security system to lock firmly. Guaranteed to provide advanced security.

  • Choose from the safe's protection markings: Fireproof or Anti-theft.

    Finally, there are equally important safety considerations is to consider the protection markings of household safes. They can be divided into 2 types: fire resistance marks to protect valuables from fire. and anti-theft protection to prevent valuables from being broken in and opened, etc.

Recommended feng shui for safes Which direction is best?

ตู้เซฟ วางทิศไหนถึงจะดี หลักฮวงจุ้ยจัดวางตู้เซฟ
  • Avoid placing yourself in a position that allows money to leak out.

Which direction should the safe be placed? It is recommended as a position instead of a direction. Because each house may not be the same. But obvious locations such as areas near the door, above the stove, with your back facing the bathroom door, in confined areas such as under beams, under air conditioners, and under stairs are all treasure-sucking spots that should be avoided. If you don't want your finances to be a problem to the point of causing money to leak out.

  • Cover the safe with a bright shade cloth. Enhance your financial destiny.

In addition to protecting with the direction of placement, You can also enhance your destiny easily by solving the trick from the color of your veil. Focus on bright shades like white, gold, or cream, including gold. Because these colors can help enhance your financial destiny and prosperity. It can also help keep your digital safe safe from the eyes of bad people.

  • Enhance your financial destiny with amulets based on beliefs.

With amulets and decorations They are amulets that can greatly increase your financial fate and fortune, such as a gold nugget, a ten baht coin, an abacus, or a rhinoceros made from jade. as well as landscape paintings and mirrors. If anyone feels that their finances are not fluent Don't want to keep your money just lying there in the safe. Recommended to enhance your destiny. Open the way for your fortune to soar. Just this will definitely help increase your finances with peace of mind.

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